How to choose an agency to generate leads

How to choose an agency to generate leads

Is the lead generation strategy always decisive on the sales curve? All companies use it, in a classic way or with marketing 2.0. We often talk about social networks that are fashionable, but you should know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Small businesses sometimes struggle to stand out from the competition because they lack the financial means to engage good strategists.

In this article, we will unveil all the lead generation strategies and acquisition channels that exist, then you will know how to convert these leads with simple tricks that work.

What is a good lead generation strategy ?

What is a lead?

All companies aim to make the sale. In order to sell, we look for customers – and to have customers, you have to convert leads. A lead takes precedence over all else since it is the creator of this opportunity. Of course, this is only an opportunity that must be converted in order to makes sales at the end of the process.

Why having leads is important for a company?

Leads are, therefore, essential for the company that wants to evolve. Enticing the public is important to attract potential buyers. Impossible to make sales if one does not make its presence known. Naturally, the potential customer must go through what is called a conversion tunnel to become a real buyer. This is what we will develop throughout this article.

What are the strategies for generating leads ?

The strategies for generating leads are constantly evolving. In a company, it is the marketing department that takes care of that aspect. The technique is to use the different channels available to reach the audience and arouse his curiosity. However, this is not enough, which is why you also have to resort to giving gifts. This might mean a significant investment, depending on the support used and the staff involved.

Lead generation 

In our day, we cannot separate digital from lead generation. I specialize in this area to help businesses make contacts and convert them effectively into customers. Automated tools are used, allowing you to establish a relationship of trust with your prospects. We are also engaging at key locations to attract traffic.


Which channels of lead acquisition?

The strategy for generating leads evolves with the available technologies and with our era. We can say that the oldest method to generate leads is word of mouth.

Classic channels to acquire leads

By classic, we are referring to all the methods that were used before the Web era. This does not mean that they are outdated, but they are often more expensive and ROI (return of investment) are long overdue and difficult to quantify. Examples include flyer distribution, radio and TV advertising, along with print media.

Social networks

Half of the world is now connected to social network platforms. It’s impossible to abstain if you want to generate leads on LinkedIn effectively. However, opinions differ on the effectiveness of the Web in marketing. In reality, the consumer is overwhelmed by so many proposals that his curiosity is diminished. If your content is not powerful, you lose all chances of seducing and converting your prospect.

The website and the blog

The site and the blog are very compelling lead acquisition channels. The user is looking for expertise. He wants to get his own idea of the situation and understand his problem to find the right solution. In recent years, people have learned to be wary of the Web. That is, we are less inclined to believe what is being said. Sites and blogs are intended to break down barriers of suspicion with relevant information and “gifts” (advice, tips, articles, documents to download, promo code …).

The mailing

Email marketing is one of the most efficient tool for generating leads. Certainly, like all channels, it must be mastered to perfection to get your prospect to buy. Indeed, it is not enough to send mail to all contacts to turn them into customers.

Natural referencing

Natural referencing is essential for lead generation. Your relevance is noted through algorithms placed in search engines like Google and Bing. This gives you more or less visibility compared to other companies that deal with the same topics as you. To succeed, you have to master the secrets of SEO and keywords that you use in your content.

Paying solutions

Needless to say, in this capitalistic world, everything is for sale. Hence, it is possible to cash in on social networks. or buy your position in the results on the search engines. However, this is not a miracle solution, quite the contrary, you risk big by focusing on paying solutions and neglecting a real relevance that is based on real prospects.

Convert more leads with simple tips

Quality content to drive traffic

The best way to generate leads is to create traffic to your site, blog or profile on social networks. Traffic is achieved when you know how to attract attention with topics that interest your target. This means that your content answers questions or searches made by users.

Identify your leads’ problematic

Have you identified your target? So you know the problems he goes through every day, his habits, and also his desires. You must know your lead like the back of your hand, so you are able to evoke compassion and reach him through his heart. It’s like an emotional shock when you immediately call out an individual’s difficulties.

Present yourself as a solution

After naming his problem, give him the answer. It’s you ! By buying your product and benefiting from your service, the customer makes his life easier. Introduce your business as a very instrumental and lucrative solution to help overcome difficulties.

Relay handover to the sales team

If your role is to handle network marketing business, know that at some point you will pass on the torch. Obviously, you have worked the lead so he is ready to buy. Then, it is up to the sales representative to make sure that he presents the offers that are best suited for the client’s budget and expectations.

Can I automate lead generation?

Tasks that must be done “manually”

There are components of your network marketing that you cannot “delegate” to a machine; such as writing a blog post for example or personalizing responses in the comment section on social networks.

Components of the process that must be automated

Fortunately, IT now allows you to automate certain tasks and combine actions across multiple platforms. Interactive applications are used to automate actions such as:

– Collect and classify visitor information turned into leads

– Send documents (e-book, white paper …) and emails

– Qualify leads according to their actions

– Respond to generic requests

Tasks that need to be delegated

Some tasks cannot be done within the company, especially when they are time-consuming and complex. Those who are responsible for network marketing cannot also take care of answering the phone or providing after-sales service. If you do not have the necessary skills or the time to do certain tasks, it is best to delegate the work to a specialist.

How to choose an agency to generate leads?

What are the benefits of generating leads with an agency?

A company does not necessarily have the means to afford a large communication agency.

What is the agency’s mission to generate leads?

The missions for an agency that is responsible for generating leads for your company are:

– Increase your visitors

– Encourage visitors to become prospects

– Quickly turn the prospect into a customer

– Guiding the client into wanting to buy

All can be measured with data such as conversion rate and click rate, or email opening rate, and even visit rate.

What are the criterias for choosing your lead generation agency?

As leads are essential to grow and make profits, it is therefore important to choose who is responsible for lead generation in order to boost sales. To be a good lead generation agency, you need to:

– Have the tools used in marketing automation

– Have a strategy that fits your product

– Enables an effective follow-up which allows you to check all the numbers (visits, conversions, clicks…)

– Offer a non-paying marketing consultation

– To be a French agency that knows the French and international market

– To be an agency that knows the American and international market


A lead is an opportunity to acquire customers, an opportunity to sell. It is not luck or a coincidence, it is society that creates opportunities. In marketing jargon, this is called: lead generation. Strategies are in place to create these opportunities to sell. I specialize in lead generation for companies.

All the elements that allow you to acquire prospects are considered lead generators: distribute flyers, advertise, be present on social networks, email marketing, SEO.

A lead is just an opportunity, it must be turned into a sale. It means converting the prospect into a buyer. We must provoke the purchase by utilizing growth techniques, before handing over the reins to the sales team.

It is possible to generate leads automatically, although some parts of the process must be done “manually”. It can also be externalized or subcontracted. That is, we use a lead generation agency that can optimize the strategy. Choosing your Lead Generation operation is vital to ensure that you have a good return on your investment.

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